Easily Make Money 

While You Sleep

As you already know, making money
online is very tough…

  • Building your own business requires time, capital and, sadly, 95-99% of the businesses fail
  • Dropshipping is no longer as easy or as profitable as it was back in 2017-2019
  • Building an e-commerce store is risky with global supply chain issues and hostile ad platforms (Facebook)
  • Affiliate Marketing requires you to sell products that cost a lot of money and pay for traffic
  • Building blogs and monetizing requires becoming an expert in SEO, plus it takes a very long time
  • Creating a YouTube channel takes time and dedication—and putting your face in front of the camera
  • Forex trading is enormously risky and requires a large initial capital
  • Crypto is super volatile plus the fact that 99% of it is pure scam that enriches the 1%
  • NFTs are super speculative and are only profitable if you're already a huge celebrity

But there's another way…

What if I told you that you can easily:

  • Make money with none of the risk mentioned above…
  • Promote quality services that make people money…
  • Help people achieve whatever they want in life…
  • Find quality free traffic for your offers to promote…
  • Make anywhere from $2 to $10 (and more) for simple email submits!
  • Work as hard or as little as you want
  • And, ultimately, have the life you've always dreamed off

FACT: CPA Marketing is a proven way to make money online — even if you have 

Hello, my name is James

I spent most of adult life as a software engineer in Silicon Valley.
I worked at all kinds of companies: from small startups to huge corporations.

While I had a comfortable life and was making good money, I was miserable. I hated my commute. 
I didn't really get along with my co-workers.

I'm not exactly sure what it was, just nothing really made sense. All I knew was that I was miserable and needed to get out and do something else.

I worked at companies like this for 10 years. Pay was decent, but my lifestyle was depressing.

So, I flew to Brazil on a one-way ticket.

While initially I had some savings from my job (living in San Francisco was very expensive), I knew that I would need to generate a solid online income if I wanted to support myself in the long run.

After several years of trial and error (living in Brazil didn't help to be productive), I finally figured out ways to make money online.

Ever since then, I've been living online in various countries. I spent over 7 years in Latin America, living in countries such as Colombia, Brazil, Argentina and Mexico.

Living in Latin America has been nothing short of awesome. I made lots of long-time friends, learned a couple of new languages and experienced amazing cultures that I only dreamt about years before.

Enjoying fresh coconuts in Rio de Janeiro's Copacabana Beach

Hanging out in Chiang Mai, Thailand

After Latin America, I spent a bit of time living in Europe, but was tired of cold weather, so I headed to Asia.

I spent six months living in Thailand (Chiang Mai, Bangkok).

I also spent six months living in Bali, Indonesia.

In Asia, I had, what I call, "the ideal lifestyle." I woke up, had amazing breakfast, took the scooter to the main part of the city, worked a little in an awesome coffee shop, and then went to the gym or BJJ training.

After training, I had delicious lunch. Then I worked for a bit before doing something relaxing in the evening.

Having delicious food in Bali, Indonesia

The day I made $500+ in one day

After endless trial and error, I fondly remember the day when I made a whopping $500 in one single day!

At that point, I realized that there's a lot of potential in what I was doing, so I dropped everything else I was working on and focused on it only.

Here's another successful day on MaxBounty, a popular CPA Marketing network:

And here's some money being deposited into my PayPal account:

I can keep showing you more screenshots, but I think you get the picture.

OK, now, let me ask you a question…

How would your life change if you put your mind into something and focus 110% of your efforts into it and make money doing it?

What kind of impact would an extra $500/day or even $500/week or perhaps even $500/month have on your life?

Would you travel around the world (like I have)?

Would you permanently move abroad? If so, where? Latin America, Eastern Europe, Southeast Asia or somewhere else?

Or would you stay exactly where you are and upgrade your life? Buy a new car? A new house?

Or maybe donate the profits to your favorite charity?

Or would you do something else?

You decide.

My goal in life is to help people become free.

I want to create 1,000,000 entrepreneurs who are financially independent.

That's why, for the past several years, I've been busy mentoring hundreds of guys just like yourself on building a passive income business using my proven, tried and true methods.

The only problem is that my mentorship is expensive and isn't for everyone.

That's why I took all the lessons and the golden nuggets and created the CPA Accelerator program.

It packs the very best information there's when it comes with making money 

Let me put it 

Thus, if you want to build a successful business that prints you money while you sleep, you have two options:

1) You can struggle for years without any results (like I did)


2) You can learn from someone who's been there before


Introducing the
CPA Accelerator Training Program
comprehensive, no bullshit training on
making money with CPA Marketing

The absolute definitive guide on making money with CPA Marketing


Here's just a sample of what you'll learn…

  • What is CPA Marketing and why it's absolutely revolutionary way to make money
  • The difference between CPA marketing and affiliate marketing
  • How to make money with CPA marketing without needing to sell or buy anything (or have your own inventory)
  • What's the best way get started with CPA marketing with little or no money
  • Promoting HIGH ticket offers with CPA Marketing
  • The best ways to promote sweepstakes and surveys
  • How to pick and promote the right verticals with a specific traffic source
  • How to avoid getting your accounts banned by Facebook, Google and others
  • How to get approved with MaxBounty (and other popular networks)
  • Advanced CPA Marketing: super creative and effective ways to promote CPA marketing offers
  • And much, much more…

What students of the training are saying:

James doesn’t sugarcoat anything. He tells you what works and what doesn’t work. Perhaps it’s his no-BS personality. I’m tired of talking to people who sell me some far-fetched half-baked ideas that have a very low chance of materializing. Talking to James has truly been a breath of fresh air.

Joe Stefano
Code monkey and aspiring entrepreneur 

I’ve just recently started my online business in a niche I love and really passionate about. James and I brainstormed a couple of ideas in order to leverage my talents and developed a blueprint what will hopefully be a sustainable business with a recurring revenue.

I crunch numbers for a Fortune 500 company

James is a CPA Marketing genius. His videos and training really helped me to start making money with this revolution method!

Product Manager at a small startup

Great, attentive mentoring. James immediately narrowed down on my idea and within half an hour we were discussing ways of developing future products. That saved me at least three years of trial and error.

John P. 
UI/UX Specialist and future location-independent nomad
“If you don't build your dream, someone will hire you to help build theirs.”
— Dhirubhai Ambani

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